How To Protect Yourself From Online Scam

In recent days scammers are involved in attempts to get others money and some personal information. You must be alert and protect yourself from being scammed to know more about crypto code scam. Here are some tips to overcome from scamming.

Protect yourself: Scammers will target all kinds of people they won’t consider your background,  upper or lower classes, ages, and level of people. Scammers are taking advantage because of upcoming new technology, new products, and services. Scammers becoming smarter in using public

  • Beware of the people or business when you deal with it. If you get any unknown phone call, unknown mail through social networks always take initiative and time to check whether it is original or scam one before you open it. Don’t respond to them if you are not aware of your incoming
  • Take time to learn about the trading. Do research on to whom you are dealing with and how many of them are dealing with it. If you receive any messages from a known name with untrusted devices do not believe it and make direct contact with that known person and clarify with them.
  • Not to open any doubtful and suspicious message or mail. Do not open any link from your mail if you are not sure about it. Better to delete it immediately. Then you can verify the details in the phone book or in a google It’s better to avoid contacting them with the details they have provided to you.
  • Not to respond to any phone calls and its always better to avoid to share your computer through remote access. Always avoid if any technicians requesting you to turn on your computer to resolve your technical issues or never allow anyone to install a new app in your computer, it has a high risk to send a virus into your computer and hack all your password or personal details.
  • Always make sure that you have secured your personal details and passwords. Don’t keep your computer and mobile screens open. It’s better to change your password frequently. Do not share any of your personal information in social media. Scammers may easily hack your images, details and they can use them to create a fake social account.
  • Create a different and difficult password which includes strong letters, number, and symbols into Don’t use the same passwords in all your accounts.

Author: Mia Schmidt

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